Fabrication Shop 1 - 16m x 80m

  • 7 OverHead Cranes

General Fabrication Shop 2 - 16m x 40m

  • 2 OverHead Cranes

Dedicated Paint Shop - 16m x 40m 

  • 2 OverHead Cranes

Bay 3 Assembly Shop and Despatch - 16m x 75m

  • 2 OverHead Cranes
> Part of our fleet of fork lift trucks

Service and Repair Bay - 8m x 15m

  • 1 OverHead Crane

Outdoor Storage Yard - 42m x 120m

Profiling Machine

120t Punch Iron Worker

Large bandsaw (700mm vice)

33m box beam bed with automatic welding

100t of Calibarted Test Weights

Plasma cutter

> Scissor lifts for safe access

9 fork trucks ranging from 3t to 5t capacity

11 scissor lifts

A fleet of fully kitted Mobile Workshop Vans

MAN 80t tractor unit with 60t Palfinger crane

Volvo 44t tractor unit with 27t Palfinger crane

Volvo 17t rigid flatbed lorry

Volvo 44t Tractor Unit

3 plant trailers

2 tri-axle flatbed trailers

> Dedicated paint shop

20t crane

> 20t crane