Light Crane Systems:

From manual handling requirements to speeding up your work process's Light Crane Systems are the solution for you.

From 50kg up to 2,000kg Light Crane Systems allow to lift your load and manoeuvre around with push/pull travel easily, smoothly ergonomically.

With its infinite dimensions we can always offer you the best solution for your application and make sure the hoist covers every part of your working area.


Pillar Jibs:

Column or wall mounted pillar jibs are the ideal solution for your light loads with applications where you do not have a lot of space for a crane or light crane system

From 50kg up to 2,000kg and with up to a 300 degree slewing range we have all your lifting requirements covered.



We offer a full range of chain or wire rope hoists from all of the leading hoist manufacturers

The chain hoists are from 125kg up to 5,000kg

Wire rope hoists are from 1,000kg up to 50,000kg